My top 10 songs



When it comes to music about my faith, I find it super hard to narrow it down to 10 songs.  There are so much more I could list! I love this music so much because not only does it move my soul, it brings two things together that I love the most in this world. Jesus and Music.

10.  Chris Tomlin,  God’s Great Dance floor.  I have a confession, I have a love/dislike relationship with Tomlin songs. This song however is AWESOME!  I love the sound and the message.  It makes me feel like I’m underwater swimming through God’s love.  So many truths, especially coming back to the start.  I have to take myself to that place often.  The place where Jesus saved my soul<3

9.  Jesus Culture, Holy Spirit. This song is near and dear to my heart.  I love this song so very much because it’s about welcoming the Spirit in and just being in full worship.  This song takes all the words that I’ve ever wanted to say about being filled with the Spirit and hits it dead on!

8. Hawk Nelson, Words. Not only is this song completely relevant, it’s also got such a great message.  The words we say can either lift someone up or knock them down.  What are we going to choose?  I know I have had said some horrible things that people will never forget.  We have to make sure that we speak life.

7.  Unspoken, In Your Hands. Disclaimer, Unspoken will probably be on here more than once! This song is a joy and brings me peace.  It’s beautiful and it makes my heart sing.  I am partial to Unspoken because they were there for me with their music through my hardest times.

6. Ryan Stevenson, The Gospel.  This song is so great!  I remember the first time I heard it.  I specifically listened to each word.  It’s such a huge message and great testimonial to what we need to get back to.  When I say that I mean get back to the heart of the things, which is salvation through Jesus.

5. Zach Williams, Chain Breaker. This song hit me right in the heart.  This song actually led me back to God when I had distance myself in a time of Grief.  I turned on my radio and turned it to klove and it came on first thing.  Love this one for sure!!

4. For King and Country, Proof. This song is so wonderful.  The video to this song is essential in listening to this song.  It’s such a representation of society.  It’s so important to help one another in this world where evil is so prevalent.

3. Unspoken, Who you are.  This song!! AHHHH!!! When you are a believer and see one of your friends or family members going through a journey and you’ve been there, this song is exactly what that’s about.  You just want to tell them everything word in this song.  I adore it! Btw I have met Chad, the lead singer.  Best moment in my life. I told him what his music meant to me and a he hugged me and I cried.  SOUL STOCK 2015!

2. Lauren Daigle, First.  I basically have no words for this song because it renders me speechless.  It’s so pure and true.  It brings your heart alive with worship and makes you fall to your knees in praise.

1. Sidewalk Prophets, You love me anyway. This is my all time favorite song.  My mother introduced this song to me awhile ago before I started listening to Christian music.  It started me off listening to Christian music and I’ve never looked back.  This song means everything to me.  I love it dearly and it is my go to song, in any hard situation.  It is the BEST!!

Well, there you have it folks.  My top 10 favs!!! That was so hard!! Took me forever.  I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope these songs bring you peace, joy and understanding.

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