This voice inside my head



What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this phrase?  I was driving down the street and this voice inside my head said, “Turn around.”  Has this ever happen to you?  Do you think anything of it when it does happen?

I ask these questions because until recently, I’ve always kind of played that voice off as the inner me.  You know, like my conscience.  Do we really have a conscience?  What is a conscience?  According to the dictionary on google,  conscience is an inner feeling or voice, acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.  For me,  being a woman with the whole “spaghetti brain” thing going on.  I hear that voice often more then not.  It’t is with me everyday as I go on about my work and life.

How do we decifer between just thinking thoughts inside our heads and a voice that steers us away from harm or to harm?  I know this is a counter productive thought in some eyes but for me this is stuff I actually think about!  Another question, is that voice only present in the time of great need? Or does it happen all the time, in even the smallest needs and or situations.

I’ll give you example of something I experienced the other day when I was on my way to work.  I found myself lost in thought and worrying about my normal day to day stresses and I was listening to my music.  All of a sudden, this quiet voice said ” Not my child.”  I thought uuuummmmm? What?!  It kind of echoed even though it was quiet.  At first I thought, why did I think that?  Then like a ton of bricks I realized it was God.


In life, we are constantly under spiritual attack.  There is a battle going on between good and evil that we couldn’t even fathom.  In this moment, it became clear that Jesus was fighting for me.  I was very down and very discouraged.  That moment when you have no hope and little faith and Jesus took over and told those dark forces.  “NOT MY CHILD!”  To me it sounded quiet but I’m sure that the almighty was screaming with a resounding NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT HER!

The reason I am writing this blog is because after I heard that voice I felt at peace.  I felt like someone was fighting for me.  Well it wasn’t someone, it was God.  It was my savior.  I was able to put my worry away and find joy.  I am human and I know that there will always be times of heart ache and worry but today I feel free.  Today I feel light, today I feel like a battle was won!



2 thoughts on “This voice inside my head”

  1. The still small voice is so real! A lot of the time I feel it in my stomach. When I’m doing something and I have the “pit” in my stomach I know it’s not right. When I feel like I’ve “got butterflies” I feel like that is God steering me in the right direction!

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