5 ways to get closer to God

I hear a lot of people ask, ” How do I get close to God?” or ” How do I have a closer relationship with God?”  Like any relationship, it takes work, time and understanding.  I have a few ways that I remain close to God and keep his promises alive in my heart…


1.  Prayer- Usually but not always in the mornings on the way to work .  No radio, no noise, just the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and I.  I find that this always makes for a great start to the day and brings clarity and peace. I feel Him with me all day.


2. Music- Contemporary Christian music is my go to for great worship to and form work during the week.  There is nothing like having church in your car on the way to work in the morning and getting your worship on to one of your favorite jams.  It’s a great way to invite the Holy Spirit into your day and it almost always touches my heart.  I love my sweet music and the blessings I receive from the messages in the words.  So whether you’re an old school gospel music lover or a contemporary music lover, turn it up and feel his presence.


3. The Word-  At some point in my day, I have to read some sort of scripture.  Even if its one or two verses just to gain perspective on the day.  A quick devotional or scripture read in the middle of the day, reminds me that Jesus is with me and I can always count on his Word.  You would be surprised by how 2 or 3 verses can change your whole day.


4. Journaling- In my walk with Christ, journaling has been so important.  Sitting down and writing out your feelings, prayers, hopes, dreams or even grievances, can really bring the clarity you need.  There is something about getting it out on paper and re reading it that makes you feel like you can breathe again.  This is also the time where you can be in a quiet place with the trinity and really meditate on life.


5. Reading- Reading the Bible, or Bible study or even an uplifting book can really help your heart.  When I was in the darkest part of my journey, reading helped me immensely.  There were times I would sit and read for hours, just getting lost in His word.  The blessings that come through the Bible and Bible studies are endless.



I hope that these 5 tools will help you get closer to the Savior.  I don’t know what I would do with out these 5 specific tools and remaining close to the Father.  Thank you God for giving me a way to be with you<3

2 thoughts on “5 ways to get closer to God”

  1. All your points are spot on! One thing that has helped me more than anything is just asking God to help. I am incapable of getting closer to God on my own. So I often I pray for great levels of trust, faith, and peace.


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