What keeps me going?

woman-918981_1920Some days I feel so defeated. I think to myself, Why didn’t I do better?  Why didn’t I go further? The questions ping around inside my head like a pinball machine.  I don’t care who you are or how much money you make,  you’re human.  We all get to the point where we are depressed about something.

It’s difficult when you feel like life just keeps handing you lemons.  Everyone keeps saying, “MAKE LEMONADE!”  It’s hard to make lemonade when you no sugar and no water .  Right? You are probably thinking to yourself.  This is depressing.  I don’t want to read this.  Well sometimes life is depressing.  That’s ok as long as we have the tools to get to the other side.  So what do I do when I get down? Pray.  Yes, the dreaded “I’ll pray about it statement.” To non believers, I know this statement crawls all over you. For us, followers of Christ, it is a crucial part of our relationship with the Son and the Father.  I say this because there are times that even that statement seems bleak to me in times of darkness.




Prayer has this amazing ability to bring me out of some of my darkest times.  God works through prayer in a way I never understood until I grew up.  He will send little lights along the way. Whether it be a hug from a friend, or sweet note from someone who appreciates me or even money when I’m struggling.   Do prayers go unanswered in my life?  Of course!  I know that God has a different plan for me than I do.  My unanswered prayers often become life lessons.  Prayer, even the shortest little send up, means the world for others and yourself.   If you ever get stuck and can’t think of any words to say during a prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to intercede.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the person reading this blog.  I pray that whatever they are going through that they find peace in your love.  I pray that hope is attainable and that joy floods their soul.  I pray that the light that shines through the darkness will reach them right now.  God you are so good.  Thank you for sending your son as an eternal light that brings these dry bones back to life.



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