My top 10 songs



When it comes to music about my faith, I find it super hard to narrow it down to 10 songs.  There are so much more I could list! I love this music so much because not only does it move my soul, it brings two things together that I love the most in this world. Jesus and Music.

10.  Chris Tomlin,  God’s Great Dance floor.  I have a confession, I have a love/dislike relationship with Tomlin songs. This song however is AWESOME!  I love the sound and the message.  It makes me feel like I’m underwater swimming through God’s love.  So many truths, especially coming back to the start.  I have to take myself to that place often.  The place where Jesus saved my soul<3

9.  Jesus Culture, Holy Spirit. This song is near and dear to my heart.  I love this song so very much because it’s about welcoming the Spirit in and just being in full worship.  This song takes all the words that I’ve ever wanted to say about being filled with the Spirit and hits it dead on!

8. Hawk Nelson, Words. Not only is this song completely relevant, it’s also got such a great message.  The words we say can either lift someone up or knock them down.  What are we going to choose?  I know I have had said some horrible things that people will never forget.  We have to make sure that we speak life.

7.  Unspoken, In Your Hands. Disclaimer, Unspoken will probably be on here more than once! This song is a joy and brings me peace.  It’s beautiful and it makes my heart sing.  I am partial to Unspoken because they were there for me with their music through my hardest times.

6. Ryan Stevenson, The Gospel.  This song is so great!  I remember the first time I heard it.  I specifically listened to each word.  It’s such a huge message and great testimonial to what we need to get back to.  When I say that I mean get back to the heart of the things, which is salvation through Jesus.

5. Zach Williams, Chain Breaker. This song hit me right in the heart.  This song actually led me back to God when I had distance myself in a time of Grief.  I turned on my radio and turned it to klove and it came on first thing.  Love this one for sure!!

4. For King and Country, Proof. This song is so wonderful.  The video to this song is essential in listening to this song.  It’s such a representation of society.  It’s so important to help one another in this world where evil is so prevalent.

3. Unspoken, Who you are.  This song!! AHHHH!!! When you are a believer and see one of your friends or family members going through a journey and you’ve been there, this song is exactly what that’s about.  You just want to tell them everything word in this song.  I adore it! Btw I have met Chad, the lead singer.  Best moment in my life. I told him what his music meant to me and a he hugged me and I cried.  SOUL STOCK 2015!

2. Lauren Daigle, First.  I basically have no words for this song because it renders me speechless.  It’s so pure and true.  It brings your heart alive with worship and makes you fall to your knees in praise.

1. Sidewalk Prophets, You love me anyway. This is my all time favorite song.  My mother introduced this song to me awhile ago before I started listening to Christian music.  It started me off listening to Christian music and I’ve never looked back.  This song means everything to me.  I love it dearly and it is my go to song, in any hard situation.  It is the BEST!!

Well, there you have it folks.  My top 10 favs!!! That was so hard!! Took me forever.  I hope you enjoyed this list and I hope these songs bring you peace, joy and understanding.

This voice inside my head



What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear this phrase?  I was driving down the street and this voice inside my head said, “Turn around.”  Has this ever happen to you?  Do you think anything of it when it does happen?

I ask these questions because until recently, I’ve always kind of played that voice off as the inner me.  You know, like my conscience.  Do we really have a conscience?  What is a conscience?  According to the dictionary on google,  conscience is an inner feeling or voice, acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.  For me,  being a woman with the whole “spaghetti brain” thing going on.  I hear that voice often more then not.  It’t is with me everyday as I go on about my work and life.

How do we decifer between just thinking thoughts inside our heads and a voice that steers us away from harm or to harm?  I know this is a counter productive thought in some eyes but for me this is stuff I actually think about!  Another question, is that voice only present in the time of great need? Or does it happen all the time, in even the smallest needs and or situations.

I’ll give you example of something I experienced the other day when I was on my way to work.  I found myself lost in thought and worrying about my normal day to day stresses and I was listening to my music.  All of a sudden, this quiet voice said ” Not my child.”  I thought uuuummmmm? What?!  It kind of echoed even though it was quiet.  At first I thought, why did I think that?  Then like a ton of bricks I realized it was God.


In life, we are constantly under spiritual attack.  There is a battle going on between good and evil that we couldn’t even fathom.  In this moment, it became clear that Jesus was fighting for me.  I was very down and very discouraged.  That moment when you have no hope and little faith and Jesus took over and told those dark forces.  “NOT MY CHILD!”  To me it sounded quiet but I’m sure that the almighty was screaming with a resounding NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT HER!

The reason I am writing this blog is because after I heard that voice I felt at peace.  I felt like someone was fighting for me.  Well it wasn’t someone, it was God.  It was my savior.  I was able to put my worry away and find joy.  I am human and I know that there will always be times of heart ache and worry but today I feel free.  Today I feel light, today I feel like a battle was won!



5 ways to get closer to God

I hear a lot of people ask, ” How do I get close to God?” or ” How do I have a closer relationship with God?”  Like any relationship, it takes work, time and understanding.  I have a few ways that I remain close to God and keep his promises alive in my heart…


1.  Prayer- Usually but not always in the mornings on the way to work .  No radio, no noise, just the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and I.  I find that this always makes for a great start to the day and brings clarity and peace. I feel Him with me all day.


2. Music- Contemporary Christian music is my go to for great worship to and form work during the week.  There is nothing like having church in your car on the way to work in the morning and getting your worship on to one of your favorite jams.  It’s a great way to invite the Holy Spirit into your day and it almost always touches my heart.  I love my sweet music and the blessings I receive from the messages in the words.  So whether you’re an old school gospel music lover or a contemporary music lover, turn it up and feel his presence.


3. The Word-  At some point in my day, I have to read some sort of scripture.  Even if its one or two verses just to gain perspective on the day.  A quick devotional or scripture read in the middle of the day, reminds me that Jesus is with me and I can always count on his Word.  You would be surprised by how 2 or 3 verses can change your whole day.


4. Journaling- In my walk with Christ, journaling has been so important.  Sitting down and writing out your feelings, prayers, hopes, dreams or even grievances, can really bring the clarity you need.  There is something about getting it out on paper and re reading it that makes you feel like you can breathe again.  This is also the time where you can be in a quiet place with the trinity and really meditate on life.


5. Reading- Reading the Bible, or Bible study or even an uplifting book can really help your heart.  When I was in the darkest part of my journey, reading helped me immensely.  There were times I would sit and read for hours, just getting lost in His word.  The blessings that come through the Bible and Bible studies are endless.



I hope that these 5 tools will help you get closer to the Savior.  I don’t know what I would do with out these 5 specific tools and remaining close to the Father.  Thank you God for giving me a way to be with you<3

The Absence of Grace

I don’t know why I find myself in shock every time I come across hateful “Christians”.  I find it so discouraging to see people who are in need of love but are met with judgement.  I think the reason it hurts me so much is that I used to be this person….   pointing-finger-1922074_1920.png

When I’m in the midst of my hardest times, nothing brings me to life like an understanding person who reminds me of Jesus.  The people that God has put in my life, have truly been a blessing to me.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful, open minded sweet mother who meets me in the darkness and directs me back to the light.  Unfortunately not everyone has the joy of this kind of support system.

I came across some hateful people today who were tarring down a fellow believer instead of lifting them up.  I was so mad!  I thought to myself, how rude and inconsiderate can you be?  I also felt guilt because I know I have made people feel this way before.  The feeling of not having support and people just tarring you down further is the worst feeling in the world.  You have no idea what that person is going through or where they might be in their life.  Further beating them down I’m sure, isn’t what Jesus wants from us.

That being said, I will say truth is also very important.  Once the dust settles from the recent blow that this person has received, giving them advice that is from your heart and true to the word is of course, vital.  This I will say is not always required, because though we want a good mix of both grace and truth.  9 times out of 10, they already know the truth and they just need a little grace through you.


What I want to say in this blog is love.  Love more then judge.  Understand more than blame.  Further more, speak up when you see someone else being shamed for being human.  Jesus is the bridge to God.  We have to let people who are at their lowest points know that we love them like God loves his son.  Be a light.  Be a shoulder.  Be a tool for Grace.




Excepting Your 30s

IMG_6717I thought that today I would switch it up a little and make some of you guys chuckle a bit.  As most of you know I am now 31.  Now for you over 30s you are probably shaking you head and calling me a baby right now.  Back off old timers and let me morn my 20s! Lol just kidding;)  Like I said, I am now 31.  No I don’t have wrinkles or a cane but I do feel my body changing.  I have been trying the past two years to deny my 30s and just keep on acting like I’m in my 20s and keep doing things that I used to.

In my 20s I was pretty active despite my size.  Went on lots of adventures.  Once I turned 30, things with my body started changing, in everyway.  Long walks and or workouts, turn into days of recovery.  Nights out are far in the distance and sleeping in past 8 oclock makes me feel groggy the rest of the day.


Last week I went to the beach with my Kentucky family and I was super pumped!  I love swimming in the ocean and playing on the beach all day.  The first day we were on the beach a couple of hours and it felt like I had been there all day.  I could feel the waves knocking me down more and my feet sank faster then years past.  Then the second day I felt so energetic.  We were on the beach by 9:30 and I was ready for a day of fun!  The night before we got an awesome football and I was looking forward to tossing it around.  My cousin and I began the back and forth with the football.  Joking and laughing and just having a blast!  I went up for a perfect catch and caught it! I came down in a tumble that would render me useless for the rest of the trip.  I broke my foot!  Needless to say, I can’t jump around like I used to.

IMG_6716One thing I did come away with all this is, I have a wonderful family.  I have a great support system and everyone has taken such good care of me.  Am I still young?  Yes.  I just don’t feel as spry as I used to.  Things like jumping up for a great pro football catch will have to be better executed on a different surface and maybe a few pounds lighter.  I’ve never been one to let my weight get in my way.  I have always done what everyone else does but this time it bit me in the toosh!  I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you are in your early 30s and denying it.  Don’t! Embrace your 30s and proceed with caution! LOL!





A Cause to Celebrate!


One thing I find such joy in is celebrating with others.  I used to think, I’ll never be happy if I don’t have kids or get married.  My way of thinking was, I need a big beautiful home, a big beautiful husband and the pitter patter of little feet all over the place….. WRONG!

I spent the majority of my 20s running the race for marriage and children.  I’m from the south, that’s what you do right?  Apparently God had a different plan.  When I turned 29 God entered my brain and did a bit of rewiring.  I am so thankful because through prayer I began to slowly chip away at my bitterness and learn to find joy in  life differently.  The desire for myself faded and the desire for joy grew and grew.

There are so many wonderful things happening in my life right now.  I have a beautiful nephew, my beautiful cousin just got engaged and my job is flourishing more and more everyday.  I find joy in the small things.  Jesus is my true love and he fills all the empty places in my heart.

The point of this blog is, if you find yourself wallowing in self pity and dead end roads.  STOP! Life is too short to cling to what you thought your life was going to be.  Better yet what people think your life should be.  You are important! You have a purpose! The Bible says “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not disaster, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11  Now that’s a cause for celebration!


What keeps me going?

woman-918981_1920Some days I feel so defeated. I think to myself, Why didn’t I do better?  Why didn’t I go further? The questions ping around inside my head like a pinball machine.  I don’t care who you are or how much money you make,  you’re human.  We all get to the point where we are depressed about something.

It’s difficult when you feel like life just keeps handing you lemons.  Everyone keeps saying, “MAKE LEMONADE!”  It’s hard to make lemonade when you no sugar and no water .  Right? You are probably thinking to yourself.  This is depressing.  I don’t want to read this.  Well sometimes life is depressing.  That’s ok as long as we have the tools to get to the other side.  So what do I do when I get down? Pray.  Yes, the dreaded “I’ll pray about it statement.” To non believers, I know this statement crawls all over you. For us, followers of Christ, it is a crucial part of our relationship with the Son and the Father.  I say this because there are times that even that statement seems bleak to me in times of darkness.




Prayer has this amazing ability to bring me out of some of my darkest times.  God works through prayer in a way I never understood until I grew up.  He will send little lights along the way. Whether it be a hug from a friend, or sweet note from someone who appreciates me or even money when I’m struggling.   Do prayers go unanswered in my life?  Of course!  I know that God has a different plan for me than I do.  My unanswered prayers often become life lessons.  Prayer, even the shortest little send up, means the world for others and yourself.   If you ever get stuck and can’t think of any words to say during a prayer.  Ask the Holy Spirit to intercede.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the person reading this blog.  I pray that whatever they are going through that they find peace in your love.  I pray that hope is attainable and that joy floods their soul.  I pray that the light that shines through the darkness will reach them right now.  God you are so good.  Thank you for sending your son as an eternal light that brings these dry bones back to life.